Lessons from disaster mismanagement in Flood 2010

Problems never come alone and this phrase is ideally fit on the status of Pakistani nation who is coming under the influence of  repetitive incidents of disasters in the shape of earthquake,  war IDPs, expansion of war situation, worst scenes of terrorism and now spread of this unusual flood .Present scenes of escalated disaster  via human mismanagement is appealing to educated class to join hands and create a strong platform to counter wrong actions of govt and military which is indirectly intervening in all public matters.
In each coming days the concept of human imperatives has been eliminated from our administrative tasks and it is only affecting the common and educated class who are all time vulnerable to face the wrath and frustration of deprived class, This deprived class is all time victims of above mentioned natural and man made disasters.
It is highly observed that most concentration of evacuation, relief and rehabilitation jobs whether done by civilian setup or emerging from, military sources are indirectly linked with domestic political agendas. This is especially the case as we move from the rescue and relief operations into the reconstruction/rehabilitation phases. The following are some measures that can be used by strong national organizations working in Pakistan to counter their existence as normal patriotic force in the form of Corporate Social Response.

  • Think tank platform of private, semi govt from media group and sincere local senior experienced citizens should be formed in all major areas where disasters are coming again and again.
  • Centralization of local private partnerships with secular NGOs and civil society groups, rather than ideological or missionary groups.
  • Develop mechanisms to empower local senior  (residents) and district governments’ and consult them in the decision-making process about reconstruction and rehabilitation in the probable devastated areas usually effected by earthquake, flood and avalanche like natural disasters.
  • Cross checking of emergency procedures of elected federal and provincial legislative bodies should be facilitated toward private groups.
  • Military should be called on highlighted areas which are marked by locals and scrutinizes relief and reconstruction operations as per demand of the local representatives.
  • The same group of think tanks should work  to shift their approach from being ‘embedded’ with the military to one that involves effective partnership with the civil society and they should contact International Organizations.
  • Repetitive demand through media to the official relief and reconstruction agencies should be projected through electronic media and this group can duly constituted by parliament and contains civilian and cross-party representation.
  • Senior  committee of accountants along with young students of account and finance should be formed which can provide proper accountability methods for the earthquake relief funds by stressing on the Pakistani government to appoint an independent monitor to review how the funds are disbursed or embezzled.
  • One settled family should take the responsibility of one affected family and support should be provided at the door step of flood affected people so that donor would directly come in contact with effectees.
  • All state representatives and grade 20 to 22 officers from all major institutes including army and bureaucracy should followed this sponsor ONE FAMILY POLICY on priority basis .

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5 Responses to Lessons from disaster mismanagement in Flood 2010

  1. sana says:

    to whom yo are trying to convey this message.They all are using hearing aid where sound comes from US side onlly

  2. Nahid says:

    Hi Nazia
    I have heard you have been active at the flood relief
    front. Just would like to know how are you managing. There are a few
    people interested in uk to participate in these efforts but as usual
    no reliable sources are making it difficult.
    Take care

  3. Nazia says:

    Yes I am trying to do something as per my range .
    I am sending u detail of some actions via email which you and others can adopt.

  4. Ayesha says:

    Pakistanis created havoc on the name of flood disaster management.
    Time to learn lesson from Japan that how she is coping with worst kind of scene of earth quake+ tsunami and see their preparation for facing this disaster.
    I am quite confident that they would set memorable example of rehabilitation specially for dull Islamic countries.

  5. Nazia says:

    Yes sure but this lesson should be leaned by our leaders and managers who might be worrying where they can transfer heir assets and next generation to safe areas of world if same situation is developed here.

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